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AYO is a prepared meal delivery service launched in New York City in 2021. AYO was established to support the eating lifestyle of people living in New York City who are busy with their daily lives. AYO is dedicated to making Japanese food easier, healthier, and tastier for everyone, and its name is derived from the Japanese word for nutrition (eiyo), which also includes the goal of fostering dietary education through Japanese food in the United States.


Food is an inseparable part of our lives. Eating is a large part of our lives. Today, many restaurants offer a variety of meals that can be enjoyed at home. However, many people have experienced that the portions are too large, too rich in taste, or too greasy. AYO has focused on these problems and thought that it would be easy to enjoy freshly prepared food at home.


The thing that made us think the most was additives and preservatives such as chemical seasonings, etc. All of AYO's dishes are made from the finest ingredients and are free of chemical seasonings and preservatives so that any person can eat them with peace of mind.


In New York, Japanese flavors are not readily available everywhere. There are no supermarkets, department stores, or convenience stores where you can buy ready-made foods like in Japan. However, even if you are busy raising children or working every day, you will be able to enjoy delicious, freshly prepared meals easily. This helps working people who wake up early every morning to make lunch boxes, those who are too busy to cook, and those who want a side dish for one person.

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