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We will be closed next week.  

Sorry for inconvenience

For all you busy New Yorkers 
We deliver easy and delicious Japanese food to your home in New York City.

Just 5 minutes of heating is all it takes. 
you will have a freshly prepared
healthy Japanese food on your table.
We use only the fresh ingredients.
No chemical seasonings or preservatives are used.

Whether you miss Japanese food or
or those who want to incorporate healthy Japanese food into their diet
we have something for you.


Q.How to order?
A. Super easy! Just order from our website with a credit card! Click here for more information.

Q.Are AYO prepared foods safe?
A.Yes, everything at AYO is handmade from ingredients. No chemical seasonings or preservatives of any kind!

Q.What kind of food products are sent?
A.We have carefully prepared Japanese home-style dishes such as nostalgic Japanese side dishes, bento dishes, and snacks for sake and alcohol. Packed individually in small portioned bags.

Q.Do you keep your products refrigerated? Or frozen?
A.We have two types of products, one that can be kept frozen and one that can be kept refrigerated! You can also view detailed information from the QR code on the product label.

Q.How do you eat?
A.Just heat it up in a hot water bath or microwave! Zero dishes to wash, and you can enjoy the taste of freshly made food while saving time!

Q.What are the enrollment fees and subscription system?
A.We do not have any! You can purchase as much or as little as you need.

Q.When is the delivery day?
A.Once a week, every Tuesday, delivery!

Q.When on Tuesday?
A. We deliver in the afternoon or evening so that customers can pick up their packages after work.
We will inform you of the expected delivery time on the following Tuesday on the Monday before.

Q.What if I can't pick it up on Tuesday?
A.If you can't make it in time or have urgent business, etc., please let us know.
We can also deliver the items to the doorman with refrigerant. Please feel free to contact us.

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